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OWNER 13/14    OWNER 01/02 TO NOW
1The HabsBudz621561
2Toronto Maple LeafsTnA619243
3Toronto Maple LeafsSalary Cap618996
4Pint PatrolPuckU6187103
5The HabsPuckU617558
6Winnipeg JetsBudz617157
7Wellington WildmenFist O Cuffs616962
8Charlestown ChiefsLeague 76162103
9Chicago BlackhawksTnA615798
10Hamilton SteelersTnA6156125
11Cleveland BaronsLeague 76147106
12WidowmakersSalary Cap614099
13Montreal CanadiensBudz6136118
14WidowmakersLeague 7612980
15Calgary FlamesBudz612888
16Charlestown ChiefsSalary Cap514487
17Quebec NordiquesPuckU4178130
18DeebsLeague 74177157
19Toronto Maple LeafsBudz416271
21Calgary HitmenTnA415555
22WC Grim ReaperFist O Cuffs4154113
23Kitchener StrangersPuckU4150120
24Toronto MarliesSalary Cap414659
25West Coast ExpressSalary Cap4146130
26The PensFist O Cuffs4145119
27WC Bald EagleLeague 74145144
28Hartford WolfpackFist O Cuffs4142150
29Montreal CanadiensFist O Cuffs4140121
30Montreal CanadiensLeague 7413397
31Man UnitedFist O Cuffs4133145
32Charlestown ChiefsFist O Cuffs4129120
33Ottawa SenatorsBudz4125153
34Hartford WhalersTnA4120111
35Toronto St PatsPuckU411492
36The StonecuttersPuckU411195
37Charlestown ChiefsBudz410893
38Leafs NationFist O Cuffs4100102
39Tuktoyaktuk TigersTnA499123
40Hillsburgh Dynamo: HCSalary Cap490120
41Leafs NationPuckU48191
42Vancouver CanucksBudz3181161
43Montreal CanadiensSalary Cap3131136
44Ave SatanasSalary Cap383129
45Maui SurfersPuckU2161170
46Troops Of DoomFist O Cuffs2138138
47Markham WaxersTnA2136116
48Creeping DeathLeague 72135128
49Guelph StormTnA2132138
50Toronto Maple LeafsPuckU2127152
51The HabsSalary Cap212593
52Montreal CanadiensPuckU2122146
53Toronto Maple LeafsLeague 72121132
54Bubbas GangLeague 72121145
55Waterloo WolvesLeague 72120132
56Chicago BlackhawksLeague 72117132
57Phone KallzSalary Cap2116195
58Waterloo WolvesPuckU2113123
59Ass Kicking CapersSalary Cap2111101
60Irvine InsanityFist O Cuffs2110149
61Team SquaksPuckU2104120
62Waterloo WolvesBudz2100136
63Toronto Maple LeafsFist O Cuffs29993
64Grand Bend GatorsSalary Cap296109
65Dont Poke Da BearLeague 7286127
66Brantford AlexandersFist O Cuffs286145
67Philadelphia FlyersTnA277154
68Leafs NationTnA273144
69Columbus Blue JacketsBudz265134
70The HabsFist O Cuffs1125145
71Leafs NationLeague 7194142
72Montreal CanadiensTnA0142175
73Blue Screen of DeathBudz0137191
74Waterloo WolvesSalary Cap0108176
75Washington CapitalsBudz092117
76Charlestown ChiefsTnA090135
77Waterloo WolvesFist O Cuffs086154
78Bleed Blue and WhiteLeague 7081143
79Edmonton OilersBudz060169
80Chuck NorrisSalary Cap059154
81Charlestown ChiefsPuckU055159
82WC Sledge HammerPuckU051170
83Waterloo WolvesTnA048201
84WC TsunamiBudz026157